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About Us
We are on a mission to bring happiness into every home
The Story Behind Sweet Caroline’s Possibilities
Previously Shabby Shac, Sweet Caroline's Possibilities is a rededication to our owner's sister, Carol, who passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 2012.

Carol's easy-going nature, love for her family and friends, and optimistic look on the world are what inspire us each day to create and source finds that bring joy to every home.

Just as Carol's positivity reaches out and touches our lives every day, we hope to spread that joy with you.
About Terri Finn
Coming from a large family of 9 children, a lesson in compassion, care, and putting others first was a lesson learned by all. Her father always had a dream of owning his own shop of his creations, antiques, and collectables. Her sister, Carol, had a passion for shopping for unique items unlike anyone else's.

Because of those dreams, Terri and her family wanted to memorialize their Dad and Carol by opening a business, which is now Sweet Caroline's Possibilities. The passion of reworking a discarded item into a repurposed item is what Sweet Caroline's does best. Terri strives to create and provide unique creations at fair prices so you can enjoy them as much as she enjoyed creating them for you.
About Holly Griffin
Coming from a family of artists, her passion is to make you smile when you see one-of-a-kind creations that have been repurposed or made uniquely outside the box. The experience of meeting customers and developing a friendship is what it is all about. Holly is passionate about vintage and antique apparel, collectables, and more. She strives to keep prices low so you can truly enjoy your purchase without breaking your budget. Remember, if it makes you smile, then it's all worthwhile.
About Terry Thomas
Terry is a loving, very talented artist. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces repurposed from vintage collections. She also creates purses with a unique quality and look. She enjoys collectables, antiques, and unique decor. She is an absolute delight, making friends with everyone she meets.
We Value You
You aren’t just a customer.
We welcome everyone into our shop. Grab a coffee from Leaves 'n' Beans next door and stay awhile.
We are dedicated to our work.
We will go above and beyond to be what you need us to be and what you might not realize you need.
We strive to create and source unique finds of quality value.
If we don't have something currently in store, we will collaborate with you to bring your ideas to life.
We can do better together.
We strive to give back to our community through educational resources and philanthropic efforts.
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